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The Graduate Academy of CPE Supervision has partnered with the University of Theology & Spirituality.


Disciplined reflection, uniting head and heart. 


To conduct and administer Clinical Pastoral Education, offer continuing education.


Our goal is to encourage personal spiritual enrichment while providing quality Chaplaincy and Pastoral Formation.

CPE is transformational:  Learners lives are often transformed forever.

CPE is clinical:  Where real people interact with real people who are hurting, as opposed to textbook learning.

CPE is a group experience:  Learners come together sharing knowledge and assisting each other in the process.  

CPE is experiential:  The learning occurs upon experiences out in the world.


CPE is an experiential transformational clinical training program for the chaplain, lay minister, ordained, professional pastor, social worker, nurse, spiritual director, spiritual life coach, thanatologist, death doula, thanabotonist,  spiritual care manager, psychotraumatologist, religious educator, volunteer chaplain, suicidologist, militay chaplain, workplace chaplain, hospice worker, palliative care service provider, prison chaplain, priest, psycho spiritual counselor, spiritually integrated psychotherapist, biblical counselor, first responder chaplain, rabbi, imam, pastoral counselor, clinical pastoral psychotherapist, seminary student, CPE supervisor, psychophysiologist, and spiritual care provider.

Parish and Community Based CPE Program

The CPE Learning Center has provisional accreditation through the Center for Spiritual Care & Pastoral Formation (CSCPF).

Professor Greaver is a CSCPF Board Certified CPE Supervisor.

Core Chaplain Beliefs

The Chaplain is Chaplain to all.  The Chaplain functions from an interfaith, inter denominational, interspiritual, intercommunity, multifaith, interreligious, integral, dialogical approach to ministry with a heavy emphasis on listening.  The pedagogical, andragogical, or teaching, process focuses on the growth of the student, on the path that they are on, and does not attempt to change their path. The Pastoral Care modality taught is one that does not evangelize, nor attempt to convert.


The Graduate Academy of CPE Supervision is located in Tacoma Washington.

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