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Application & Instructions for Clinical Pastoral Education

Please respond to each of the following items.  Your typed responses on separate pages would be appreciated.


  1. Please complete the attached form and email to Professor Greaver ( Read instructions carefully before submitting.

  2. A reasonably full account of your life.  Include, for example, significant and important persons and events, especially as they have impacted, or continue to impact, your personal growth and development.  Describe your family of origin, current family relationships, and important and supportive social relationships.

  3. A description of your spiritual growth and development.  Include, for example, the faith heritage into which you were born and describe  and explain any subsequent, personal conversions, your call to ministry, religious experiences, and significant persons and events that have  impacted, or continue to impact, your spiritual growth and development.

  4. A description of your work (vocational) history.  Include a chronological list of jobs/positions/dates of employment and a brief statement  about your current employment and work relationships.  A current resume could be substituted for this item.

  5. An account of a “helping incident” in which you were the person who provided the help.  Include the nature and extent of the request, your assessment of the issue(s), problem(s), situation(s).  Describe how you came to be involved and what you did.  Give a brief, evaluative commentary on what you did and how you believe you were able to help.

  6. Your impressions of Clinical Pastoral Education.  Indicate, for example, what you believe or imagine CPE to be.  Indicate if CPE is being required of you.  Indicate any learning goals or issues of which you are aware and would like to address in CPE.  Finally, indicate how CPE may be able to help you meet needs generated by your ministry or call to ministry.

  7. You are required to complete an admissions interview with CSCPF CPE Supervisor, Rev. Dr. William R. Greaver.

  8. UTS's Graduate Academy of CPE Supervision requires $40 application fee.

  9. An applicant with prior CPE should attach all previous self and supervisory evaluations and your signature below indicates you give permission for your previous CPE centers to release your evaluations for purposes of this application process.

  10. Retain your own copy of this completed application and bring it with you to any interview for CPE.

  11. Have you ever been convicted or pled nolo to a misdemeanor, a felony, or other crime?  Yes___   No___

I certify that all information in this application is factually true, complete, and honestly presented.  I understand that I may be subject to disciplinary action, including admission revocation or program expulsion, should the information I’ve certified be false.  I hereby give permission to the UTS Graduate Academy of CPE Supervision to access my CPE evaluations and contact previous supervisory personnel about matters pertaining to this current application, and I consent for those contacted to provide the information sought.  I verify that if sending in this application electronically it constitutes my electronic signature.





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